Essential Oils Overview

At Gumbo Goods we seek to offer our community the broadest selection of quality essential oils and aromatherapy products available in Charlotte, NC. We stock therapeutic grade essential oils from Young Living and Zevana, because we believe where the oil comes from and how it is distilled is of the utmost importance for our customers health and benefits. Available in store and online, these essential oils are chosen for their purity and potency.

Essential Oils have been utilized for thousands of years by various societies for a number of health benefits. They can be applied in various ways that can help to support healing as well as providing many other benefits. Today the most common practices of aromatherapy include aromatic diffusion, topical application such as the raindrop technique, and  in certain cases, certain oils can be ingested. Each oil has unique properties.

Certain essential oils such as peppermint, jasmine, and lavender are known to help support positive emotional states. These oils can help support a state of wakefulness or calm or many other energies. Essential oils have long had a role in supporting spiritual awareness and various spiritual practices.

There are a multitude of uses for essential oils in daily life. Whether you are looking for something that helps in supporting you jump-start your day, prepare yourself for yoga practice, or calm down after a stressful day at work, there is an essential oil for you. We encourage you to explore our broad collection of therapeutic grade oils to find the ones that speak to supporting your lifestyle and experiences.

See below for the essential oil brands we carry or stop in to our store in the Plaza Midwood neighborhood of Charlotte. We are looking forward to supporting you in your essential oil journey.