About Gumbo Goods

Founded in 2015 from the roots of an actively growing Charlotte community, Gumbo has been cultivated to fit the lifestyle and needs of Yogis, Runners, and Healthy Living. Gumbo Goods combines the budding entrepreneurial spirit of Okra Yoga founder Alicia Roskind with the extensive business acumen of Hal Smith in retail and private equity. Keeping in the spirit of its sister company, Okra, Gumbo Goods seeks to provide community members with access to all the essential tools for personal health and wellness.

Our Mission

Gumbo Goods originated from the desire to have a store that supported local fare while providing an approachable access point to fill the needs of Yogis, Runners, and individuals dedicated to Personal Wellness. Organic by nature, Gumbo Goods is focused on providing an experience that is tailored to its community. Whether by providing a variety of yoga products to suit the needs of novice yogis to advanced practitioners, or offering a number of brands of zero drop shoes suited to running, comfort, and professional life, Gumbo wants to be more than an active member of the community. Gumbo Goods wants to engage and grow to help enhance its community.

Gumbo’s Vision

Gumbo Goods is a place where yogis and runners will find familiar brands as well as products from local and regional businesses. As a source for fare including yoga mats, zero drop running shoes, water purification systems, handmade soaps, and aromatherapy, Gumbo blurs the lines of what a locally owned shop can be. It is ever important to the founders that Gumbo represent the lifestyle and values of its consumers. For that reason Gumbo Goods chooses its products with a certain fluidity to allow for change to accommodate the purposes and desires of its customers. Above all, Gumbo Goods hopes to help patrons in their pursuit to celebrate the good.